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Jun 26th, 2023  |  Legal Team  |  Firm News

What Is Jaundice and Kernicterus?

Jaundice and its severe complication, kernicterus, are medical conditions that can have devastating consequences, particularly for newborns.  Understanding Jaundice Jaundice is a condition characterized by yellow discoloration of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. It occurs when there is an excess of bilirubin, a yellow pigment produced during the breakdown of red blood cells, in…

Jun 12th, 2023  |  Legal Team  |  Firm News

Is the Hospital Liable for a Patient’s Wrongful Death?

Determining a hospital’s liability in a wrongful death case requires a careful examination of the circumstances, including the hospital’s duty of care, the actions of healthcare professionals involved, and the causal connection between the negligence and the patient’s death. While hospitals can be held vicariously liable for the negligence of their employees, they may also…